Ruth Beaglehole

ruth beaglehole

Cottage Parent Talk Series presents

Ruth Beaglehole of Echo Parenting & Education

Emotion Explosions

Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 7 pm

Pasadena City College Circadian Room Bldg. CC

Emotion Explosions Workshop

In the Emotion Explosions workshop, Ruth Beaglehole will teach adults how to help children (and themselves!) safely navigate big emotions. Participants will learn: What’s going on in a child’s brain during these explosions, “the importance of modeling behavior to help children develop emotional intelligence and strategies to facilitate healthier ways to express feelings."

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About Ruth Beaglehole

Founder of Echo Parenting & Education, Ruth Beaglehole has spent her life considering the needs of children, seeking support and nurturing for children as full human beings, using the principles of respect, healing and connection. Ruth’s professional journey parallels her personal journey and has given her the empathy, courage and dedication that has fueled her groundbreaking work; creating a new paradigm of unconditional parenting that is the soul of Echo Parenting & Education.