Our teachers are the heart of Cottage and the base of our success. Passion, inspiration, empathy, creativity, understanding and generosity of time & spirit define these wonderful teachers.

Director, Oak Tree and Rainforest Lead Teacher

Giving OLD

Cottage Co-op Nursery School owes its success to its active community of teachers, parents, alumni, and children. It is their dedication and generosity that has made Cottage Co-op one of the premier nursery schools in Pasadena.


Cottage Co-op Nursery School is a product of the imagination and will of the families that founded this school in 1972. Each year new families arrive and our school continues to evolve and grow. Our alumni families are an integral part of what Cottage Co-op has become. We are always reaching out to alumni families in hope of maintaining a connection to the rich history this school holds. We believe that each family, past and current, is like a brick that sustains the integrity and strength of our school. Please consider reaching out and reconnecting with the Cottage community.



We believe that kids need an open environment in which to grow and learn, a place to get their hands dirty with the freedom to do so, while receiving the guidance they need to master social interactions.


Cottage's admissions process goes beyond filling the classes. It strives to give families an understanding of our approach and the benefits of working in a cooperative environment. Admissions starts with parents getting to know Cottage, our philosophy, our approach, and our program. It is also about getting to know the opportunities and responsibilities associated with being a part of the Cottage Community.



Our regular program follows a 10-month school year, from September through June. We offer classes for 2 year olds, 2/3 year olds, and mixed age classes.


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